Leadership and People Management

We develop leaders so that they can inspire and consequently transform their organizations, leading to better results and a productive work environment.

We believe that inspirational leadership and efficient people management

can influence organizational health.


Prepares professionals to take up more complex positions, increase self-awareness through diagnostic tools, and develop leadership competencies and interpersonal skills. The process is founded on Ram Charan’s Leadership Pipeline, transactional analysis, and Michael Watkins’s First 90 Days.

Target Audience
Professionals who are about to or wish to take on more complex positions or those in career transition.

Leadership Development

The leader plays a crucial role in building bonds of trust with people, and effective leadership is key to achieving exceptional results.
At Light Up, our goal is to develop leadership in organizations through programs that are tailored to the needs of each business and methodology that facilitates adult learning.

Mentoring for HR professionals

Expands knowledge and develops technical people management skills while focusing on increasing awareness of group dynamics and human relations.

Target Audience
HR professionals who have taken on more complex positions and need mentoring to develop skills.

People management consulting

Consulting on structuring HR processes, procedures, and related flows.

People management mentoring

Develops people management skills and shares best management practices in order to model leadership.

Target Audience
Professionals who have taken on leadership positions and would like to enhance results throughout efficient people management.

Team development

Provide tools and training to support teams in achieving objectives, and foster learning about how to  constructively deal with differences.