We believe that professionals who are aware of their own strengths and skill gaps can invest in self-development and achieve superior results.

Our solutions stimulate an active protagonist attitude, self-management,

and help you become aware of your choices.

Apprentice and trainee program development

This service is for organizations wishing to design a development program for young professionals in order to prepare them for future demands. The program is customized and includes technical and behavioral development.

Career orientation

Aimed at professionals wishing to identify their own strengths to direct their careers, receive guidance on building resumes or assistance in re-deployment, as well as individual development plans for upcoming career challenges.

Career transition and individual development plan

For professionals preparing for or undergoing a professional transition, and also for those wanting to build an individual development plan to handle future career challenges.


The Coaching process enhances professional performance by focusing on the following main areas:
• Self awareness and understanding impact in own organization and life;
• Sharing the professional dilemmas and challenges to gain perspective and generate actions as a protagonist of own journey;
• Increases awareness and generate effective options for approaching career challenges, leadership and relationships

Target Audience
Professionals who are about to or wish to take on more complex positions or those in career transition.